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Laughlin Nevada

Pioneer Casino Laughlin NevadaA friend of mine recently came to Laughlin Nevada and stayed at the Pioneer casino hotel. He did not like it at all and referred to the Pioneer as a dump. I have to agree with him and told him it is at the bottom of the list as far as hotels go in Laughlin Nevada. He should have asked us for a recommendation on where to stay before going. One of the reasons they stayed at this hotel is that they allow pets in the rooms. They have a large dog that goes everywhere with them and most of the other hotels do not allow pets.

Laughlin Nevada – Stay at the Aquarius

It is just down the road from the Pioneer Hotel within easy walking distance and also facing the Colorado River.

Aquarius Casino laughlin Nevada 2We always stay at the Aquarius Hotel and casino hotel. It is by far the best hotel in Laughlin Nevada although not up to Vegas standards. They do not allow pets in the rooms so this would not have worked for my friend. Nice rooms with a view of the Colorado River and the mountains and now some areas in the casino are nonsmoking. You can have rooms that are nonsmoking as well on floors that are entirely nonsmoking. For more information about the Aquarius Casino in Laughlin, Nevada, click here.

Laughlin is not Las Vegas, but they do have nice hotels in a nice environment with the Colorado River flowing by their back door. It is scenic and a nice place to visit once in a while. It also does not have the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas. If you are looking for a relatively quiet place to spend a few days gambling, having a nice meal, and getting away from everything, this is a great place to go.

There are about 10 hotels and casinos in the area to choose from. Some are better than others and we happen to think that the Aquarius is the best of the bunch. We enjoy Laughlin and will likely keep coming back for two-day visits.

For more details about Laughlin hotels, click here.


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