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Laughlin, Nevada

Laughlin, Nevada Night time view of the Colorado River looking at the Casinos from the Bullhead City sideThese pictures included with this post of Laughlin, Nevada were actually taken from across the Colorado River in Bullhead Arizona.  We were staying in a condominium and took the pictures from our balcony overlooking the river and the casinos on the Nevada side. There is also a one hour time difference between the two states with Pacific time on the Laughlin , Nevada side and Mountain Time on the Arizona side of the river.

We also like to visit the Aquarius casino in Laughlin, Nevada to play the slots and stay there as well.  This is one of the better casinos and hotel in the area with a non smoking section and also a large casino floor with a very good buffet overlooking the Colorado River.  If you would like more information about the Aquarius Hotel, click here.

We love playing the slots at any of the hotels and if you would like more information about slot cards, click here. We have also taken advantage of a free rooms offer from the hotel while we stay in Laughlin, Nevada. Their slot card is quite good with free rooms, free slot play and many comp’s towards meals as well. We have had breakfast as well on the comps which was also actually a brunch. We had one of the best omelets we have had on our trip. For more information about slot cards and why you should always carry and use them when you are.

Again the picture on the left is of the Laughlin , Nevada side at night and it does present quite a site with all of the lights.

Laughlin, Nevada

Laughlin is really set up in two sections. There is the area along the river were all of the casinos are along Casino Drive. There are no residential homes in this area, with everything geared to the casino business. Residential areas are at a slightly higher elevation to the west. There are shopping centers, schools etc for local residents to live in and also rent out to snow birds.

We have talked to many of the people working in the casinos and many of them seem to prefer living on the Arizona side of the Colorado River. Not sure exactly why, other than we think that taxes are lower in Arizona.

Gasoline prices are definitely lower on the Arizona side of the state line. In some cases the price per gallon can be as much as twenty or thirty cents cheaper per gallon than they are in Nevada. We have not check prices on housing or rent, but it is something you should look at if you are planning to spend any time in the Laughlin area.

We always go over to Bullhead to fill up on gas, get oil changes for the car, do laundry or to purchase groceries.  There are also more restaurants on the Bullhead side as well. There are many very good restaurants in the various casinos, however sometimes you just want a break from all of the casino noise and the glitz.

Close to Vegas

Laughlin Nevada is only 90 miles from Las Vegas and approximately 50 miles from Searchlight, Nevada. Searchlight is a small village with two small casinos and a couple of gas stations. Nothing much more than that. Vegas on the other hand is a great place to visit with many hotels and casinos that are literally over the top. Check out our web site on Vegas with reviews of many of the casinos and the hotels in the area. they are based on personal visits to many of these places.

If you are looking for a relative inexpensive vacation for a few days or longer, Laughlin, Nevada is a great place to visit in the winter or also in the summer when many people spend their time on the river boating, fishing, and roaring up and down on Seadoo’s.

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