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Aquarius Hotel Casino – Laughlin Nevada

We stayed at the Aquarius Casino in Laughlin, Nevada again this spring for four days. The picture on the left shows the Aquarius in the far distance. There is another hotel shown here on the right, both are on the Colorado River. This particular picture was taken along Casino Drive. We really enjoy staying in Laughlin for a couple of days every year.

We always stay here for free, the meals are very good at the buffet and we enjoy the free drinks as well. There is a Starbucks in the casino, however, you do not get to enjoy the benefits of having a Starbucks membership at this location i.e free refills. Instead, you need to pay 50 cents for a refill which is not too bad, but still, this is one of the few areas the casino does not offer a good deal.

Aquarius Hotel Casino

We enjoy getting a coffee in the morning and then heading out to the river. There is a nice area to sit, watch the boats on the river, enjoy the sun, and just relax. There is also a sidewalk that runs along all of the casinos except for Harrahs at the far south end. It is a nice walk any time of the day with lots to look at.

We particularly like the contrast of the mountains in the distance, the desert, and the rolling Colorado River. The river in this area is fast and cold and swimming anywhere along this stretch is definitely not recommended. We have seen some people swimming on the Arizona side along a shallow stretch, however, the current is very strong and you need to be very careful.

Location of Laughlin, Nevada

Laughlin is in Nevada and on the border with Arizona, Cross the river and you are in Arizona and also in a different time zone as well.  Laughlin is 90 miles from Las Vegas and roughly 60 miles from Searchlight, Nevada. We headed on to Las Vegas for two nights at the Wynn hotel and then on to Palm Springs after that. We spent 2 months in Palm Springs this spring which was delightful and we will write more posts about our time there as well. For more posts about Laughlin Nevada, click here.

The picture on the right is also of the Aquarius showing one of the towers. There are two towers and they often place families with children or large groups in the north tower, leaving the other tower for couples without kids. This is a great way to make sure that one group does not bother the other since they are there in Laughlin Nevada for different reasons altogether. Some are there for gambling, others for the pool and boating and many just to get a weekend away.

Restaurants at the Aquarius

There are a number of restaurants that you can enjoy while at the Aquarius. We have already mentioned Starbucks. Besides, it is a Subway which is really great for an inexpensive nutritious meal. We often buy a sub and eat in Starbucks. There is also a Panda, which is another fast food location with seating where you can look over the casino.

There is a full restaurant run by the casino and then of course there is the buffet with huge floor-to-ceiling windows looking out onto the Colorado river. This is a good deal, yu receive discounts with your slot card and it includes unlimited beer and wine. Finally, there is the Outback Restaurant. We have yet to eat there, but it seems to be very popular.

RV Parking

There is a large parking lot just north of the north tower that is usually full of RVs. There are no services and we are not sure if it is owned by the Aquarius or owned by the casino next door.  These folks pull in and set up, using their generators for power and their satellite dishes to pull in TV signals. We have actually spoken to a number of people in Starbucks who stay in RVs. They love the lifestyle and they use the hotel washroom as needed and eat at the restaurants.

Parking at the Aquarius

There is ample parking in front of the casino which you can also see in this picture. There is also a parking garage with at least 6 floors for parking. It is patrolled on a regular basis as well. We have always found everything to be very safe at the Aquarius hotel.

For more information about the Aquarius Casino and Laughlin in general, click here.



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