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Aquarius Casino Hotel in Laughlin Nevada

Aquarius Casino Hotel in Laughlin NevadaThe above picture was taken from the Aquarius Casino Hotel coffee shop, called the Duet. This casino is located along the Colorado River in Laughlin Nevada.

There are approximately 10 casinos in the area, all of them except one is on the Colorado River. The other one is located across the
street on Casino Boulevard. Laughlin Nevada is a really great place to come visit and to play the slot and table games at the casinos.

It is not as crowded as Vegas, the prices for rooms are less expensive as well as the restaurants. These are older hotels, a little more tired than going to Vegas is of course, but you get
good value for your money.

Aquarius Casino Hotel in Laughlin Nevada

There is a boardwalk on the Colorado river that runs past on the casinos. You can usually walk the half-mile between the casinos and visit each one. Harrahs Casino is a bit further and you have to go to the street to get to that particular casino.

Make sure you get a slot card. Use it in the slot machine to make sure you get whatever comps are available to you. This is the primary way that the casinos reward their best customers.

If you’re driving to get to Laughlin Nevada from Vegas, Palm Springs, Los Angeles, Kingman and any other location make sure you fill up with gas on the Arizona side of the Colorado River. The prices are quite a bit cheaper for gas and you get the deals in terms of car washes and oil changes.

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