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Fast food health directions

Fast food health directionsFast food health directions are changing. Many restaurants are beginning to figure out that they need to get on this trend or risk losing business. While not everyone wants to give up their favorite fast food in favor of fruit and vegetables. More and more fast food locations are adding menu items that are considered healthy or at least  have reduced amounts of salt and fat in their menu items. But there are steps that consumers can take to reduce their intake of the high calorie, the high salt and the high fat items. The trick is to eat less and there is one great way to do that with the benefits we just mentioned and also reduce your overall cost of eating out.

Fast food health directions – Split Meals

Whether it is Panda, McDonalds or Chipotle, they all have meals that are high in salt and fat. They add many more calories than most people can imagine. Even Chipotle, with its reputation for healthy food has a high calorie content and salt content. It depends on the foods you chose. Sour cream, the tacos, the sauces all have lots of salt and fat content. If you can control the amounts of these sauces etc, you can control the total caloric intake and salt intake.

The meals are also very large and can easily be split or can be taken home to eat the other half for a snack or another meal later in the day or the next day. My wife and I actually split a bowl when we go to Chipotle to limit the total caloric intake. In addition we find that we are actually full even after eating only half of a bowl. Wait for 20 minutes after eating and we guarantee that you will feel full.  Eat slowly as well and before you know it you will feel full and find it more easy to leave the other half for later or share it with someone.

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