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Is a potato only diet a good thing to do

Is a potato only diet a good thing to doWe recently read an article about a man who was going on a potatoes-only diet for 60 days. We wondered, Is a potato-only diet a good thing to do? It turns out that it is not all bad, but there are some things that anyone considering this approach should consider. The person going on this diet is a marketing agent for a potato organization and he wanted to show that potatoes are good for you and will not harm you if that is all you had to live on.

He has had them cooked many different ways, but there is no butter, cream cheese, or any of the other things that we often like on our potatoes. The Dietitians weighed in on this topic and these are some of the major comments they made.

Is a potato-only diet a good thing to do

  • The potato is actually a good source of many vitamins but not all that the body needs.
  • It does have a small source of vitamin C which will help humans avoid getting scurvy.
  • Eating the potato skin gives added fiber which we all need
  • Anyone on this diet should take a multivitamin


  • The body needs 40 different vitamins and nutrients to remain healthy
  • When it comes time to go off this diet, he should do it gradually
  • He may experience some discomfort since the stomach etc is not used to the other foods.
  • This is not a diet that should be considered for a long time due to health concerns
  • Sugar levels, cholesterol levels, and weight should be monitored closely

The potato is a good source of carbs, vitamins, and fiber. Like most foods, it cannot provide a complete source of all of the vitamins that we all need.

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