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Avoid Addictive Food to Lose Weight

Avoid Addictive Food to Lose WeightIt is so difficult to lose weight as we struggle to exercise. We try to limit the amount of food we eat at meals and snacks we love while watching TV. We do not need to find out that some foods are in fact addictive. This is another area that consumers need to focus on if they are to lose weight or at least keep from gaining more weight. Now we need to avoid addictive food to lose weight. Some foods produce the same kind of addictive response in your brain as addicts get when they have alcohol or drug addiction. Have you ever wondered why you crave chocolate, ice cream, pizza, cake breakfast cereals,  and especially fried foods and chicken? They all produce the necessary response in the brain that makes you crave for more. My personal craving is for potato chips, the saltier, and crunchier the better!

Avoid Addictive Food to Lose Weight – Purchases

One way to avoid these addictive foods is to not have them in the house in the first place. Once in your home, most people feel that they should consume these foods rather than waste them and they also have this craving in the first place. Leave these addictive foods in the store to lose weight.

It is also really difficult to avoid addictive foods to lose weight when you are eating out, whether it is at a restaurant or at a friend’s place. They all provide the kind of foods that we crave and that we consume too much off. This is where your maximum will power is needed and a supreme effort is required to either limit the amount of food you eat or avoid it altogether. Some restaurants will have calorie reduce menu items but most don’t and beside the other items are much more attractive.

If you want to avoid these addictive foods, avoid highly processed foods, avoid foods that contain high levels of fat. Also, avoid those that contain high levels of refined carbohydrates. If you avoid these foods, you will also be able to reduce your salt intake and reduce your blood pressure at the same time.

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