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What is a CPAP Mask

CPAP MaskThe picture on the left shows the typical types of CPAP masks that are available from most distributors of CPAP equipment and accessories. In addition each of these masks will be available in a variety of sizes. They will fit people with varying sizes of nostrils and facial features. It is important to have a comfortable fit that also fits securely on your face to prevent air leakage. Air leakage can cause the CPAP machine to not work properly and deliver the wrong pressure to your airways. It is annoying if air is escaping from around your mask. The air around the mask is whistling or bothering your face. It must be tight enough to provide a secure fit. It also must be contoured and sized to fit your face properly.

What is a CPAP Mask

The CPAP mask is connected by a hose to your CPAP machine. It delivers the air to your airways and must be fitted properly as already mentioned. It usually consists of something that fits over your nose and possibly your mouth if you are a mouth breather. Straps that will go over your head to tie it in place. Some people refer to it as a Darth Vader mask. It reminds them of this fictional character from Star Wars.

As you can see there is a variety of masks in the picture. All are design to deliver the basic functions. The choice is really based on comfort, your personal taste and the ability of the mask to do it’s job. For example if you are a mouth breather, then you need a mask that fits over your mouth and nose. Or you need one that includes a strap that goes under your chin to keep your mouth closed while you are sleeping.

The benefit of wearing a mask to deal with sleep apnea far outweigh any discomfort you may feel. Avoiding a stroke, a heart attack and getting a decent nights sleep is by far better than not wearing one or being so vain that you will not wear one. If you suspect that you have sleep apnea, get tested and take the steps you need to deal with your sleep apnea.

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