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Types of CPAP

Types of CPAP Nasal Mask CPAPThe picture on the left shows the main types of CPAP masks that are available to patients who are suffering from sleep apnea. The type of mask you eventually choose will depend on a number of things including your own comfort as well as what the therapist feels will work for you the best. It must also fit your face well. They come in different sizes since we all have different sized faces and noses. The types of CPAP masks are designed to give you the most comfort and to do their job. Some people take a little while to get used to them, while others get a good nights sleep the first night. The first good sleep in a long time.

Types of CPAP Mask’s

Full CPAP Mask

Some clients want the full mask that covers the nose and the mouth that provides a tight fit and does not allow any air to escape. Straps go around the head below and above the ears to provide a tight secure fit. For some people this might be the most comfortable, while others may have to use this type of mask since they tend to breath through their mouth and the CPAP will not work properly unless both the nose and the mouth are properly covered.

Nose Pillow CPAP Mask

The least intrusive, at least in the writer’s opinion is the nose pillow. This is a relatively small mask. Which fits on the end of the nose with inserts that extend about a quarter-inch into the nose. It is held in place by one strap that runs above the ears and around the head. This particular mask only works well if the patient is not a mouth breather. The only complaint with this mask that we have heard of is that sometimes the strap will loosen allowing air to escape around the pillow mask.

The other types of masks vary in size and coverage. They really are dependent on what is comfortable for the person wearing it. Some people will try different masks before settling on one that works for them. The one mask that also covers the eyes as well as the mouth and nose would not work for the writer. I would not like the air blowing on my eyes. However this is a good mask for people who cannot keep their mouths closed at night and may breathe through their mouths.

CPAP Mask Maintenance

Keep your mask very clean. Wash it daily with mild soap regardless of the type of CPAP you have. Remove facial oils and other contaminants. It is a good idea to wash your face and clean any oil or makeup that might be on your face prior to using the mask. Although men appear to be the predominant users of the CPAP machine. Women are increasingly using these machines as well to help them deal with sleep apnea. Women wear much more make up than men. It is important for your CPAP mask cleanliness and longevity to keep it clean.

Washing the mask daily. Remove all oils and make up from your face before you go to bed will help to keep it cleaner and will also prolong the life of the mask. The technician told us that they should last 6 months or more. We have found that if you take care of them, keep them clean and look after them the CPAP mask and hoses will last much longer than 6 months. The mask itself does not cost a great deal. It is still money in your account that you do not need to spend. The CPAP machine is the most expensive component. It should last longer than five years, again assuming that it is well taken care of.

For more information about CPAP mask types and details, click here.


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  1. You can get variations. Hybrids if you like. You may get one you disilke or one that irritates you. You may have to go through different ones prior to finding one you like. I would go to a medical supple shop, google/yahoo one in your local area. Personally a review of this nature wont really help you. Each person is different when it comes to masks. I provided links below.

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