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Nasal Mask CPAP

Nasal Mask CPAPConsumers can purchase several different kinds of CPAP masks. Often a health consultant will help you choose the proper one to fit your face and one that is comfortable for you. In this post we want to talk about a recent experience the writer had regarding the purchase of a nasal mask CPAP. The current equipment is two years old and they suggest that you replace your mask and hoses at least once per year so we are well over due for a replacement.

Of course the first place I went to for my replacement was the same store that I originally purchased my medicalĀ  equipment from. They were quite helpful and really all I needed was a replacement set of hoses and a nasal mask CPAP. Well the price for just the nasal mask and the harness to hold it on came to $220 in Canadian dollars. I could not believe that it was so expensive. Even though my health insurance would pay for 80% of the cost, I rebelled at paying so much for essentially a piece of plastic. They told me at the time that this is typical of what medical devices cost and that I just had to accept it.

Nasal Mask CPAP – Check Online Prices

I decided not to purchase what I needed at that time, much to the disappointment of the medical professional that I was dealing with. I am sure they get a commission for everything they sell. When I arrived home, I checked online and found the same thing for less than half the price from a Canadian supplier. In the US it is probably less expensive than even this online price. I was simply blown away by the difference in cost!

It really does pay to shop around and register your financial complaint by purchasing what you need at less expensive stores or online web sites. Even though my insurance would have paid for the nasal mask, it is the principle of the thing to not always pay the top dollar! I submitted the invoice to my insurance company and they paid the standard 80%.

Another thing that I learned is thatĀ  these same medical professionals are waking up to this issue and that they have competition. I went back a month or two later to discuss the cost to see if they would budge at all. I really do value the advice and consultation they provide but just do not want to pay more than double the cost. It turns out that they were willing to provide me with a 20% discount to obtain my business. While the final price was still higher than the online price, the premium was worth it to me for the advice and consultation that I received.

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