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CPAP Supply CPAP MasksIt is amazing how many people suffer from sleep apnea and do not even realize it. While many more know they have something and are not getting enough sleep. They are unwilling to do anything about it because they are afraid to wear a mask. Or deal with a hose and mask at night when they are sleeping. The fact of the matter is that they risk having strokes from lack of oxygen. They are getting a terrible nights sleep.

This leaves them tired and unable to perform properly at work and everyday life. They even fall asleep at the wheel when they are driving. If you suspect that you have sleep apnea, at least get tested. Then decide what you need to do. It could be a matter of losing some weight to alleviate the problem! The test is not that exciting. Basically you have to sleep at a sleep lab. You are hooked up to about 20 wires that monitor everything and report to a computer that produces a report. Take the test you may be quite surprised. I know I was. This post is about CPAP Supply CPAP Masks.

CPAP Supply CPAP Masks – CPAP Machine

The CPAP machine is supplied with a CPAP mask and associated hoses as well as a filter to keep the air clean. In addition, consumers should also purchase the humidifier with it to keep your nasal passages hydrated while you are wearing the mask. Personally I have found that by staying hydrated I have much less nasal congestion in addition to stopping the sleep apnea issues. In summary always purchase your CPAP supply with CPAP mask, hoses and filters all at the same time. You may have to replace them from time to time, however if they are looked after, they will last for a long time.

Keep CPAP Hoses and Masks Clean

The secret to the CPAP machine and masks working well is to keep them clean and comfortable. If you use them every night, they are clean and do not smell, you will actually enjoy being able to sleep well and you feel a lot better. Wash the mask and the water reservoir daily in warm water and mild soap. Let them dry before reinstalling them into the machine and attaching the hoses. Do the same thing for the hoses once a week as well. They will stay supple and clean for a long time if you follow this regular process.

Spare Mask

Once your mask gets a little older, let’s say one year, it may be a good idea to have a second mask as a backup especially if you are travelling and do not want to risk being without a mask. The same thing applies to hoses. As they get older, obtain a spare hose and carry it with you.

Distilled Water

You can use regular water with all of the impurities in it and breathe this into your lungs to keep your nasal passages hydrated. Personally I like to always use nice pure distilled water so that there is no impurities going into my lungs at all. In addition if you are using the heater for the water, there will be no impurities left on the hot plate that needs to be removed from time to time.

Sleep better and stay healthy with a CPAP machine that is well maintained and you will be happy that you made the transition from sleep apnea to a regular sleep once again. It is truly amazing and I know from first hand experience. For more information about CPAP Supply CPAP Masks, click here.

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