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Canadians Friendly & Polite – Not

Canadians FriendlyAre Canadians Friendly & Polite? We do not think so or maybe it is just the kids that work there. Yesterday we were at a Tim Hortons in Ottawa, Canada on Trim road near Waters street. Typical of most Tim Hortons it is one of the most unfriendly places to get your coffee. No one said good morning, no thank you or can I help you, Just “next”. Canada used to have a reputation of being friendly and polite. Not any more. Every time I experience this sort of thing I am going to post something on this blog about it. This is the first one and I will also post comments when I do receive friendly service!

Aside from the unfriendly service, the shop was messy, the kids behind the counter were too busy talking to really provide good service and there is no WiFi for customers who want to check on the news and surf the net.

Tim Hortons has recently updated its restaurants with WiFi. I guess they were finding that the competition was too much for them and customers were expressing frustration at no service.

Canadians Friendly & Polite

Tim Hortons is a really successful coffee shop chain in Canada, and try to move as many customers as possible through their store as fast as possible. They discourage anyone from really staying too long. Never the less if they do not provide great and friendly service, there is an opportunity for another chain to step in and under mind their business.

We originally wrote this post in Dec 2010 and this update is two years later. Nothing has changed relative to customer service at this chain and in fact, we have continued to notice a deterioration at many other places as well.

Even McDonald’s is not consistent and it really depends on who is across the counter. Adults tend to provide better service than the teenagers who are too engrossed in their personal lives which are very trivial – music, the latest date or party, etc. You have a job, you are lucky to have a job, so do it well or you risk losing it.

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  1. i totally agree that Canadians are not friendly or polite. there is no please or thank you. the service industry is terrible. They have kids working in all of these fast food places and they have no idea what good service is.

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