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Americans Friendly and Polite – Yes

Americans Friendly and PoliteAt least were we go, Americans seem to go out of their way to be friendly and polite. We are at the casino in Akwesasnee, New York staying at the Comfort Inn. First person I met said good morning to me. The lady looking after the kitchen asked if everything was ok with my stay and did I need anything. Americans Friendly and Polite, absolutely yes! This is the way it is all over America! Keep it up, the service is great and the quality is excellent.

We have traveled all over the US and Canada staying at various hotels and motels, visiting restaurants and tourist areas and we have found that there really is a difference in the way that Canadians and Americans treat their guests. American in general understand that their business depends on satisfied customers. Unfortunately we do not think that Canadians care and we wondered why this was the way it is.

One example is the breakfast area at the Comfort Inn in Akwesasene, New York. The breakfast area was really clean and the young lady in charge did a really great job at keeping up with making sure there was enough food available and cleaning up after everyone.

Americans Friendly and Polite

She even took time for a smoke outside, which she deserved without any problem around the breakfast area. This hotel is non smoking and they make sure that the rooms are clean and odor free too. She checked with all of us before leaving to make sure that we had everything we needed before going on her break.

The halls were spotless; everything in the hotel is nice and clean and as we mentioned earlier in the post the service and the friendliness of the staff was superior! This is pretty typical in terms of the service level that we have found, but there is one more point that we think deserves mention.

The staff was friendly, they spoke to their guests, they used the words please and thank you and they made sure that we understood that we were their customer and that they appreciated it. Why is the service level so much better in the US vs. Canada?

We happen to think that it is the maturity of the individual providing service. Canadians tend to hire teenagers who are more interested in their next date, the latest song or movie etc. they just don’t get it that they are there to provide excellent service. Adults who need the job are almost always going to provide better service because they want to keep those jobs.

Sure there are places everywhere that provide bad service from time to time, but they do not last long and all we are saying is that on average, service levels in the US are much better. In general, Americans Friendly and Polite – absolutely yes!

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