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Belfast Weather in Northern Ireland

Belfast Weather in Northern IrelandBelfast Weather in Northern Ireland – Ireland has this reputation for being always cloudy and always wet and also very green. Having been there several times, I can say that it lives up to its reputation. I have been there 3 times, each time for a week, and always in the fall. The sun never poked through the clouds while I was in Dublin Ireland. I hear it is much the same all over Ireland including Belfast in Northern Ireland. Admittedly late fall and early winter are the lowest average months when it comes to sunshine. But you would think that it would shine at some point. Dec only receives on average only 1 hour of sunshine a day. Jan and Feb are not much better with an average of 2 hours. This is far too little for most people to receive the amount of vitamin D they need. So many people will take vitamin D supplements while they are there if it will be for any length of time.

Belfast Weather in Northern Ireland – How Much Rain Does Belfast Receive?

Every month Belfast receives from 2 to 3 inches of rain. Although it did not rain while I was there, it was very damp and cool making it seem much colder than it actually was. As long as you are dressed warmly enough, it is very comfortable.  It does not sound very appealing, however Ireland is famous for being green. It certainly lives up to that reputation. With the rain they get and the limited sunshine, everything responds and grows well. There certainly is no desert areas in or around Belfast , Northern Ireland or around Dublin either for that matter.

The temperatures are very temperate and comfortable almost all year round. In the winter time, the average temperature approaches freezing. There are times when you may get a bit of freezing rain or even snow, but these are rare and if it does snow, the snow will not stick around for very long.

Belfast Weather in Northern Ireland – Cool Temperatures

A good friend of ours is from Ireland and has moved to Mexico to take advantage of the sunshine that he did not get while in Ireland. He found his hometown just to cold and wet for him as he approached retirement. He still visits his home and his family in Ireland in the summer months. Even then he finds the temperatures way too cold for his liking since his body as gotten used to the warm temperatures in Mexico. He loves Ireland and especially Belfast, but he loves to live somewhere where it is warm and there is lots of sunshine.

Violence in Ireland

They also left because of the violence that was taking place in Ireland at that time. Today it is much more calm due to the work that Tony Blair’s government did to quell the difficulties and the disagreements that have plagued Northern Ireland for many years. Ireland and Northern Ireland are now much safer places to live today. Recently in 2013, there have been a few more riots and marches that caused some difficulty. If you are planning to go to Ireland, Northern Ireland or really any big city stay away from groups that could turn into mobs which can cause a lot of violence and damage. You do not want to ruin a vacation if you can avoid it.

Every Irishman still holds very fond memories of Ireland regardless of the weather, the rain, the cloud and lack of sunshine. They are very loyal to their country and it shows with every person from Ireland. For more posts about Ireland, click here.

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  1. who cares about the weather in northern Ireland. it will be either good or bad and you just have to deal with it.

  2. The weather has never been great for us when we have been in Belfast Ireland

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