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Teen Mom Shoots Intruder and Defends Baby

By now most of us know the story of the Teen Mom Shoots Intruder. One of two burglars who tried to enter her home on New Years eve. With the intention of looking for drugs or perhaps worse. Which is what the teen mom, Sarah Dawn McKinley feels would have happened. Apparently both burglars were high on drugs. One at least was carrying a 12 inch hunting knife.

She was on the phone with the dispatcher the entire time. While these bums were trying to break into her home over a 20 minute period. The dispatcher heard the shot as the guy is coming in the door!  Can you imagine being in that girls position? The stress she must have been under.

Teen Mom Shoots Intruder and Defends Baby

She has a small baby who is sleeping in another room and she is armed with a 12 gauge shot-gun! What would you do in this situation?  And were was the father you ask? he passed away on Christmas day from Cancer and was not there to defend his family.

In one story we read, the intruder who was shot had been stalking this young teen 2 years ago and then resumed stalking her when her husband passed away. What a low life! There will be no sympathy for him or his partner who by the way has been charged with murder under Oklahoma laws.

Intruder Charged with Murder

That’s right folks and we agree with this by the way.  If a murder is committed during a crime, you can be charged even if you did not actually kill the person. In this case Sarah will not be charged, nor should she be, she was defending herself and her baby from what would have been a terrible fate. We can only just imagine.

The state attorney has already ruled on this issue and she will not be charged! Not all states have this kind of law in place, so before you defend yourself I guess you should check the law first! Right, as if that is going to happen!

The Gun Law Enthusiasts

Anyone who supports the ownership and the right to carry arms will point to this  situation as the primary reason everyone should own a gun. The right to defend yourself. and it is pretty hard to argue this case against owning your own gun when you really need to defend yourself.

If she had not acted, the least that was going to happen was rape , probably gang rape and likely death of her and her child. Now this is just speculation, but when a guy comes at you with a knife what do you think is going to happen?

The writer is not a supporter of everyone owning their own guns, however you really cannot argue with what happened in this situation. Do we all need pistols or shotguns, probably not, however if you live in area were there is strong possibility of crime, then you had better protect yourself.

Along with owning a gun is knowing how to store it, how to use it and how to prevent accidents.  Most accidents happen because the gun was not stored properly or the owner was not trained on how to use it. In some cases it is not remaining calm and firing first , then asking questions.

Teen Mom made the Right Decision

This young lady did all of the things right. She called police, she remained calm and she made the decision at the right time to pull the trigger. Does she regret her decision, “No”, she says on TV this morning. Does she regret having to take someone’s life, of course, who wouldn’t, but when it comes down to your life or the other person, you have to choose your life every time.

She made the right decision , no question.  What are your thoughts on this self-defense situation? For more gun control thoughts, click here.



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