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Acqua Pazza Restaurant – Rancho Mirage

Acqua Pazza Restaraunt - Rancho Mirage

We went to the Acqua Pazza Restaurant in Rancho Mirage recently and enjoyed a very good meal with some friends of ours. This restaurant is located on Highway 111 in Rancho Mirage in what is called the River. There is a small man-made lake with several restaurants around it with both indoor and outdoor seating. Although it was a cool night we sat outside at tables in an area that was surrounded by glass walls so that we could see the water and the scenery while still protected from the wind. The night was cool so they had the heaters turned on as well to keep us pleasantly warm.

Acqua Pazza Restaurant

They have a full menu and label themselves a California Bistro. With everything from soups and salads, to pizza to full course meals, there is something for everyone. Our group had soup and salad, pasta, fish, pork chops, and Filet Mignon with dessert. In fact, they had a special on for $19.95 which included soup or salad, a main course, and dessert. I had a salad, the filet which was 10 oz’s with mashed potatoes and beans. For dessert, I also had cappuccino ice cream to complete our meal. Everything was excellent as far as the food and decor were concerned.

The service was very good as well providing everything that we needed. However, the waiter was a bit fast and did not hang around very much to confirm our orders. We felt a little rushed when ordering our food and he actually left in the middle of one order assuming we were finished with the order. In the end, everything was fine and we enjoyed a very good meal. With so many places to try, we may not be back for some time to this restaurant, only because there are many in that area as well as in the valley to try yet.

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  1. we went to this restaurant as well and loved it. the ambiance outdoors along the river is great. we will be going back to the Acqua Pazza again soon

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