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Marilyn Monroe’s Palm Springs Home

Marilyn Monroe's Palm Springs HomeThis was Marilyn Monroe’s Palm Springs Home when she lived there and it was just down the road from Elvis Presley’s honeymoon house as well. She grew up or lived in Palm Desert area. At the present time there is a thirty foot statue of her in down town Palm Springs. It is at the corner of Indian Canyon and Tacquitz road. We have included this picture of Marilyn on another post that is on this site. Just look in recent posts or in categories under Palm Springs. This particular statue is on Palm Springs until sometime in 2014, at which time it is supposed to go back to Chicago.

Marilyn Monroe’s Palm Springs Home

The city  is trying to purchase the statue for several million dollars, however the current owners do not seem to be ready to sell at this time. I guess further negotiations will be needed before a final decision is made.

The city is also trying to obtain her statue at a significant cost to be placed in the downtown area. It was here for roughly a year and it turned out to be very popular with tourists. Many people would have their picture taken with Marilyn in the background. She stood over 30 feet tall and dominated the Palm Springs downtown area in a very positive way.

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