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Starbucks – Aquarious Hotel – Laughlin

We visited the Starbucks at the Aquarius hotel in Laughlin Nevada on Aquarious Hotelthe Colorado River. It has changed to the Duet, run by the Aquarius casino. The Aquarius is one of nine casino hotels in this area and our favorite as far as casinos in Laughlin are concerned. If you would like to read more about Aquarius, click here.  The Aquarius is the old Flamingo Hotel which was purchased a few years ago.

We will also be adding posts about the Laughlin area and also about Bullhead, Arizona which is just across the river from Laughlin, so stay tuned.

Aquarious Hotel – Prices are Higher

Starbucks has been replaced by the Aquarius hotel’s own coffee shop, called the Duet. It operates the same way, with free WiFi and a 10% discount for those people with a slot card. It is much nicer than Starbucks and is kept pretty clean compared to Starbucks. All in all a good place to spend some time doing your email etc.

This post is all about Starbucks at this location. Regarding the menu, it is much the same as many other Starbucks, however, you should be warned about the prices. We have been paying $1.50 for a tall Pike roast cup of coffee, while at this location, the same coffee is over $2.00 and you have to pay for refills even if you have a registered Starbucks card. They will give you 10% off if you have an Aquarius slot card.  Refills cost fifty-four cents.

Lots of Room to Sit

One of the nice things about this location is that there are lots of places to sit and enjoy your coffee or read your email. Like most Starbucks, they provide free WiFi as well. In fact, I have been sitting in the casino, not too far away, and was still able to review my email and surf the net.  There are also lots of wall plugs to plug into your laptop, which is unusual for many coffee places.


They open at 6 am in the morning and close around 11 pm. Too bad they are not open 24 hours, since the casino is open all of that time.

For more reviews about coffee shops, click here.


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