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Verde River Rafting

Verde River RaftingRafting Trip – Verde river rafting Perkinsville to Beasley Flat – 55 miles

Description – White water rafters can put in their rafts at Perkinsville Rd and the last take out is at Beasley Flats. There isĀ  about 55 miles of gorgeous river flowing through a beautiful and scenic river valley. Between Perkinsville and Beasley Flat it is characterized by desert riverbanks, willow and cottonwood trees, ocotillo, and Saguaro cactus. A verdant ground cover of desert scrub. The river flows as a Class I to II stream with usually gentle currents and a moderate gradient.

Paddle trips can be taken year-round if there has been sufficient recent rainfall around Sullivan Lake to keep the river flowing, or not at all during drought years. Check ahead to confirm sufficient water flow. This reach of the river flows past the confluence of Sycamore Creek on river left, the towns of Clarkdale, Cottonwood and Camp Verde, Dead Horse Ranch State Park and Camp Verde State Historical Park, ending in the “scenic” portion of the river that has been designated as “Wild and Scenic”. Adjoining land along this reach is private property, and care should be exercised to avoid trespassing without advance permission.

Places to Stay

The river is very remote, though access at the small towns is good where paddlers can find places to stay (other than the usual riverside camping, if so inclined). Hence food and supplies, restaurants and other services and amenities are available. Dead Horse Ranch State Park offers an excellent place to stop and explore the surrounding area. Permits are not required for private, non-commercial groups. But upon entering the “Wild” section of the “Wild and Scenic” area group size is limited to a maximum of 15 persons. Also o more than 15 horses, cattle or other livestock per group.

The area is popular for many outdoors recreational activities including horseback riding and camping. In addition hiking, mountain biking, bird and animal viewing, nature photography, hunting, fishing and other activities. Be sure to pack the camera. Because there is much to see and photograph along this river. For example this is a green oasis in the midst of a large desert state.

Verde River Rafting Summary

River Rating – I to II

Number of Rapids – Gentle rapids throughout

Minimum Age – all ages

Departure Dates – January through April and August through December

Boat Type – Canoes, Kayaks or rafts since this is only a class I or II rated river.

What to Bring – Standard rafting can camping gear if you plan to camp along the river.

Reviews – None yet

Outfitters – Permits are not required, there are no known outfitters along this river

If you decide to white water raft along this river, always go with someone. In addition always tell someone else where you are going. This is the golden rule of rafting and hiking. Ensure you remain safe and can be found if there is an emergency.

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