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Why Can’t We All Get Along

we all get alongFor as long as we have recorded history, man has been fighting over religion, land, food, water and power. It seems nothing has changed and we have the temerity to call ourselves civilized! Somehow we all get along, but so far we have been lucky. If a visitor from another planet arrived what conclusion would they come to after they ignored the politicians and looked at the facts?

In today’s world we still fight, blow up people and start wars over religion and energy, oil. You would think that we would have figured out by now that the majority of people just want to feed their families and have a safe, prosperous life! We all get along one way or another, but many people suffer as a result.

Why Can’t We All Get Along

Unfortunately there are those among us that just do not seem to understand. For some reason they  have so much hate that they have to do things such as what happened in Boston, California. Also in other places around the world. Everyone, we must be vigilant if we are to protect our way of life in North America!

Eventually the current fanatics will be defeated. Then another group will come along. It seems that there is always a group of people who are lusting after power. Or they feel that their group of people have been taken advantage of and they need to take revenge. There will always be some form of conflict as one group or perhaps a dictator tries to take over the world. Or make life difficult for neighboring countries.

The answer to the question, “why can’t we all get along” is that there will always be some country or group that does not want to get along or takes advantage of the people who are in their country or living near them.

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