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The Kardashians

The KardashiansWell I must be from the planet Mars, since I am probably one of the few people who really do not understand the attraction of the Kardashians. Kim is pretty but not really that pretty and as she gets older will not be pretty at all. The others try but they really do not have what it takes to get the guys, although they probably do based just on money and notoriety.  There are lots of provocative poses like the one in this picture and as time goes on and as her fame begins to fade, they will become more provocative. I do have to give them credit for the marketing the Kardashians do and the success they have had in turning notoriety and semi good looks into a rumored $65 M dollars last year.

Then there is the $10m dollar wedding that is coming up shortly. Boy that will not last a year. Two people with big ego’s and high maintenance. It is just impossible. This is a publicity stunt and nothing more than that. By the time they sell the rights to the pictures and the video of the wedding, they will have paid for the wedding several times over and made a huge profit.

The Kardashians

They have done a lot to reach the level they are at in terms of sponsorships and income. The entire family seems to be involved, but Kim seems to be the main front person in terms of generating news, pictures and video. The worst part of this entire thing is that she has become a role model for many people which frankly is just disgusting. The reason that I decided to write this post is that one commentator said that this is the American equivalent to the English Royal wedding!

Can  you believe that? This is just a joke and does not even come close to the dignity of the royal family and the dignity of Kate and William. Sure they have partied and had good times, but have they posed nude, have they had sex tapes, and god knows what else.

Who Would Want to Marry Her

I guess there is more power to them if they can get away with it. Sure she has a nice chest, but is that worth $65M, I don’t think so and I sure would not want my wife out there like that.  I feel sorry for the guy marrying her, He has no idea about what he is getting into with the Kardashian family. Once he does figure it out, he will be on his way and she will collect her fee for being married to him. What is that called, when it is done on the street or in hotel rooms. We will not print on this web site, but you can draw your own conclusions.

Anyway that is our opinion and probably not a popular one, but stop and think about it for a few minutes before writing your comments. We will only approve the clean constructive comments. Now she is pregnant with a different guy and we really wish the best for the child but how can it be possibly normal?



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  1. I must be from the same planet as the writer, because I really do not see what the attraction of Kim Kardashian is. She is just a sex symbol with no talent at all. She cannot even dance.

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