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Where Our Clothes are Made

Where Our Clothes are MadeA factory collapse in Bangladesh killing 400 or more people and it hits the news for a few days and then they move on to other news that has become available. But what about those people who died. Also why were they working in the factory? This is where our clothes are made!

It turns out that they were working in a clothing factory turning out cheap clothing. They are sold to Europe and North America along with other countries around the world. Living in North America we really like to have a lot of new clothes. As a result we routinely throughout clothes before they are hardly worn. We can buy new shirts etc for low prices. Deals are great and we love low prices. The only way that clothes at these prices can be sold is that they are manufactured in places like Bangladesh. People work for pennies an hour. This is where our clothes are made.

Where Our Clothes are made – Low Prices

As long as we are not willing to pay higher prices, these factories will continue to proliferate. They will continue to be sweat shops for many of these people in other countries. It turns out that 98% of our clothes are made overseas in places like Bangladesh. This situation is not going to change anytime soon. As Americans are we willing to pay higher prices for clothing so that we can move some of these jobs back to our shores. We think that this is highly unlikely!

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