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Using Jawbone

Using JawboneI have just begun using the new product called Jawbone from Up! It was a father’s day gift from one of my kids. I think it is part of keeping me more active. For those of you who may not know what a jawbone is, it is a wrist bracelet that has a lot of intelligence and smarts built into it. This device basically keeps track of all of your activity. This includes walking, running and sleeping. Input special activities such as biking or other sports that might not register properly. Include what you eat and suddenly you have a complete history of all of your activity for the day!

Using Jawbone – Walk 10,000 Steps

Did you know that the average person should be walking 10,000 steps every day and getting approximately 8 hours of sleep every night? Well you can pretty quickly tell if you are even coming close to those goals by wearing the Jawbone. I found out that I am getting just under 7 hours of sleep on average. With an occasional 5 hour sleepless night. In addition it takes a lot of walking to get in 10,000 steps, but I have been managing to do that with all my activities. When I cut the lawn for example, I am well over 10,000 steps.

Track Your Sleep

Regarding sleep, it can tell you how much time you spent in deep sleep vs. light sleep and if you woke up during the night and how long you were awake. This is all pretty interesting and so far it has not changed my lifestyle too much, however I am much more conscious of making sure that I get in my walking every day and achieve those 10,000 steps.

Log Your Food Intake

You can log your food intake with Jawbones Up program which is an app you can download to your iPhone or your Android device. I use the iPhone and it seems to work really well.

The JawBone is supposed to last 10 days on a battery, however it seems to be coming in at 7 or 8 days battery life. We will let the battery get acclimatized and then see how well it works. So far I am really satisfied with this device.

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