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New 2nd Cup Coffee Shop in Orleans

2nd Cup CoffeeA new really nice 2nd Cup coffee shop just opened in Orleans at 10th line and Charlemagne. It is upscale and comfortable with lots of seating and an outdoor patio to use on sunny warm days. There are cozy little nooks to use while reading a book or to enjoy the company of a friend.

2nd Cup Coffee – WiFi

There is a fire place, lots of seats and of course WiFi. It did not take long for the computer users to try it out. When we were there at this shop, several had already planted themselves and were using the WiFi to work or just browse the internet. We actually dislike this of course because they take all of the good seats and they are there for hours. These people must not have internet access at home because you see them at all of the coffee shops where there is free WiFi.

There is also lots of parking and it is one of the few 2nd cup coffee shops with a drive through for cars. Most 2nd Cup coffee shops do not have a drive through, although this is very popular in our particular area. The other nice point about this particular Second Cup coffee shop is it’s location. Although it is part of a small shopping mall, it is in the middle of suburbia where consumers can actually walk to the coffee shop to get a cup of coffee when they are out for a stroll. With the drive through it also is ideal for those people who are on their way to work and looking to pick up a quick coffee to sip on while stuck in traffic.

There are other competing coffee shops in the neighborhood, however this one is by far the best with its ambiance and comfort which many of the others simply do not have. This is the place to go.


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