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Jawbone UP WeeklyI recently received one of the new jawbone devices as a birthday gift and have been using it for a couple of days. I have been using it for 4 days now and it accurately logs my sleep pattern , times I woke up remembering how many times I had a deep sleep and light sleep etc. You have to remember to tell the jawbone that you are going to sleep.

You do this by pushing a button on the end of the device to switch it from daytime to evening. I try to do this before I turn out the lights at night.  It is pretty accurate from what I can recall about my sleep. I do recall when I have woke up during the night and also that I am having light sleep  times, but not how many. The Jawbone records all of this and provides it on a handy graph on your smartphone.

Jawbone – Monitor Your Steps

The first day I was not  walking nearly enough, lol, they say that you are supposed to walk 8000 more steps every day. The only day that I met that objective was when I cut the lawn and managed to get in 12,000 plus steps. I have to do more lawn cutting I guess or make sure I park the car a long way from wherever we are going shopping etc. I need to get in a brisk 10,000 step walk every day. In addition I did go on a treadmill and found that it does not accurately record your steps on a treadmill if you are holding on to the treadmill. Next time I will try it without holding on and see how many steps I take in 30 minutes of treadmill work.

Inactivity Reminder

I also set it to vibrate after 30 minutes of inactivity, it has gone off a lot. It is amazing how quickly 30 minutes goes by. In fact since I have been writing this article 30 minutes has passed and it is already vibrating and telling me to get up and get moving. I think that this feature is a really great reminder.


I also integrated it with fitness pal and that also works but not as well as I think it should. For some reason it is not passing the information back and forth as accurately as it should. Meals recorded in Myfitnesspal do not always find their way back to Jawbones UP application on my iPhone and vice versa. I will have to play with that some more and see what I am doing wrong or if this is feature that still needs some work.


I have used the Jawbone for about 4 weeks now and really enjoy wearing it and finding out how active I have been. It is difficult to get all of the steps in that I need to simply because of my schedule and lifestyle. Fortunately I do a lot of my own landscaping and yard work. This helps but not enough to make up for the total amount of steps I want to put in every day. The suggestion by the experts is 10,000 steps per day which is difficult to achieve, but I am gradually getting better at it. For information about dieting, click here.


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