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UP Weekly: Jumpstart Your Week

UP WeeklyUP Weekly : Weekly Summary for Dec 23 – Dec 29
Last sync: Dec 30, 8:12am
Let’s start strong, Paul.
See how your daily sleep and step averages compare to the week of December 16.

This is a report that is sent to the user’s email account that summarizes all of the activity for the week.  It is nice to receive this report as a reminder of what your activity has been and also the areas that you need to focus on to improve your overall health and activity levels. The jawbone is easy to wear and in fact, after a while you do not even notice that you have it on. It is easy to take on and off and also to recharge the battery. In fact, you just use the USB adapter that comes with it and plug it into your computer to recharge it. Within an hour it is fully charged and can be used for the next 10 days without needing another charge.

We are not sure but we think that the number of times you update the application on the iPhone will impact the battery life and maybe shorten it by day if you update the report once a day or more often. Other than that it works really great and gives me much more information about activity levels and sleep patterns that I never had before.

UP Weekly : Report for the Week

– 39 m /night
– 510 steps/day
You got the most sleep
7 h 9 m
This week’s average sleep
6 h 13 m
You hit your goal
0 times
Average bedtime
12:02 am
Uninterrupted Sleep
3 nights
Average wake time
6:49 am
Your best day of steps
9,624 steps
This week’s average steps
4,407 steps/day
You hit your goal
0 times
Idle watch

UP Weekly : You were most idle

8 pm – 9 pm
Total distance
14.2 miles
Exercising consistently can make you happier…
Exercise releases endorphins, the feel-good chemicals in your brain. People
who work out regularly are happier, so get after it!
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For more exercise ideas, click here.

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