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Tropicale Restaurant in Palm Springs

We recently went to the restaurant called Tropicale in Palm Springs California. It is located at the corner of Amado and N Calle Encilla. The address is 330 East Amado Road, Palm Springs, CA 92262-6437.

They have a happy hour every day from 5 pm until 7 pm and if you have not tried Tropicale Restauranthappy hours at any local Palm Springs restaurants, you should. This is an excellent way to try out a restaurant to see its decor, service and food without having to spend too much. If you like it, then you can always go back again either for happy hour or for the main course.

Tropicale is definitely a place that we will go back to especially for happy hour. We had 6 beers and 3 appetizers all for a grand total of $35 including tax and tip. Not a bad deal alt all. Oh by the way, the food was great. The decor is great and the service is equally good as well. Highly recommend this place to visit and apparently it is written up in some of the better know restaurant reviews, although we have not been able to verify this.

They also have an outdoor area which has some shade, a bar you can sit at as well as seven or eight tables were you can spend a very nice evening or afternoon enjoying the atmosphere and the food with a few drinks.

We like to sit at the bar. You meet people this way and you get to chat with the bar tender as well. It is a great way to see just how well run the place is, attention to cleanliness and how liberal they are with drinks. Some bars will measure, others will gauge by eye when the fill a wine glass for example. Tropicale does it by gauging when your glass has enough.

Tropicale Restaurant – Meeting People

One thing that you risk when you sit at the bar like this, is that sometimes you end up talking to people that you really do not want to get to know. This was the case the night we went. One guy who was quite full of himself monopolized the conversation. He talked about how many cities and countries he had traveled to and how good he was at negotiation. I could not get rid of him. I was beginning to wonder if he was gay and trying to pick me up. After mentioning my wife several times and that we were leaving he finally left.

My wife also got caught by a women who was by herself and claimed to not be gay,  but wanted to go our further for drinks with us. We decided to leave the Tropicale Restaurant at this point and all was fine. Never the less this is a danger when you sit at the bar.

Finally this place is popular with gay men. There was maybe 50% couples i.e. men and women, while the rest were gay. This is something to be aware of if you plan to visit this restaurant and we really recommend that you do. It is one of the better restaurants in Palm Springs.

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