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Trio – Palm Springs

Trio Palm SpringsTrio Palm Springs restaurant  uptown on Palm Canyon Drive just two blocks north of Amado road. This picture shows the patio for the Restaurant Trio where you can enjoy a happy hour glass of wine for $3.00. Pinot Grigio which is not normally a house wine in many restaurants and bars. We spent several afternoons wiling away the time at this restaurant chatting and enjoying the weather. On this particular day the temperature was over 90F so they have the mist going to cool off their patrons. If you have not experienced this before, you should. It really works and will keep everyone cool even on the hottest days.

Trio Palm Springs

Trio Palm Springs Uptown is a bit less popular than the downtown area of Palm Springs, however the restaurants, coffee shops and bars are adding to the antique shops that have been in this area for years. If you like to browse and look at many unique pieces, this is the place to visit and then relax afterwords with a glass of wine. You do not have to deal with the crowds of tourists that typically are in the downtown area. There is time to browse the art shops without having to jostle with people. You can usually get into a restaurant with no problem and no need to wait in line for any length of time. Uptown is definitely worth exploring.

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