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Spencer’s Restaurant at the Mountain

Spencers Restaurant at the MountainSpencers Restaurant at the Mountain
Spencer’s is a very nice restaurant is attached to the tennis club. It has a lot of traditional members and is part of the Palm Springs social scene. We recently had breakfast at Spencer’s outside in the courtyard area. It has an inside bar as well as an inside restaurant and you can see the pool area and the tennis courts from the restaurant. As you can see there is lots of trees providing shade which is important on the warmer days. The sun can get pretty intense.  You do have to put up with leaves occasionally falling on your table and on you. Not a huge problem, unless it falls into your food.

Our rating of this restaurant is as follows., the ambiance is fantastic, the quality of the food is average, the service of the food is average. The overall value for the money that we spent at this restaurant I would say is below average due to the cost of the breakfast we had. For example, three eggs, scrambled, toast, hash browns and a small amount of fruit the cost was $6.99 Add to that coffee at three dollars and your bill plus tip for one breakfast his well over $10.

This is more than in other locations. I guess you are paying for the location, the name and the ambiance if you like that sort of thing.

Spencers Restaurant at the Mountain

There are better meals at other locations. Some may not have the ambiance that this one has, however it really has to be something that appeals to you.

Spencers Restaurant at the MountainWe did not like the occasional leaf that dropped into our food or coffee. I am not kidding when I write this. I had to fish a leaf out of my coffee several times. There is something that is not just hygienic about removing a leaf from your coffee.

We would not go back to this particular location, however, many people do enjoy eating there. I am sure it is very nice in the evening under the stars with soft lighting among the trees.

Friends of ours go to Spencers twice a week because they enjoy it so much. It is not for us due to pricing and the leaves falling all of the time.

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