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How to White Water Raft

How to White Water RaftWe have written numerous articles about components of how to white water raft on this website. We have covered a variety of topics. Such as white water safety, white water etiquette, white water gear. We have many review posts about various locations that you can go white water rafting. The one thing we want to emphasize above all else is safety. Follow the instructions of your guide and if they tell you to paddle, then do it.

If you are stopped at some point for lunch or supper and they tell you to stay out of the water, then follow their instructions. It could mean the difference between life and death.  You can die from hypothermia very quickly in the cold water from rivers running high from snow melt. Before you know what is happening to you, you can lose your footing. You could be swept away in the water, dash your head on a rock etc. Follow the guidelines that your rafting guide gives you always.

How to White Water Raft

We have found that most locations have a variety of white water rafting excursions that cater to both the novice as well as the seasoned and expert white water rafting enthusiast. If this is a first time for you or someone with you, most tour operators will recommend that you take them on a milder rafting trip to get them used to the idea of rafting, how the raft works,  paddling techniques and safety measures. This is so important when you are learning how to white water raft!

Some of the more challenging tours have specific requirements about raft handling, dealing with challenging rapids and being able to swim out of rapids when the raft has dumped some or all of their occupants into the water. If there is a high probability of being dumped into the water, even though you have a life preserver and possibly wearing a wet suit, participants must have the stamina to swim out of some of these ferocious rapids. Make sure you can swim!

Take an Easy Trip First

A gentle trip drifting down the river might be all that most people want to participate in as a first trip. There maybe some relatively gentle rapids which are just find for the first trip. Consider this a training trip and as you learn more about rafting you may consider more challenging trips. White water rafting in late summer can also mean that the water is warmer and you may even be able to go swimming as well. White water rafting can be a great past time and enjoyed by the entire family under the right conditions. Like all sports, training is important and preparedness is also important. Don’t get over confident, follow the instructions of the guides, have fun and stay alive.

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