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Travel CPAP ReviewsTraveling with your CPAP machine is not all that bad and frankly I would rather travel with it than not use it at all while I am traveling.  There are many reasons for this which we will discuss shortly. However first we wanted to describe the CPAP machine and the carrying case. The particular model shown comes with an easy carrying case that has room for all of the elements of the CPAP machine.

This includes the machine, the power cable, the tubes and the particular style of mask that you have chosen. There is ample room for everything and I really only have one complaint. It would be ideal if there was an additional compartment to hold the distilled water that you are supposed to use. Other than that there is lots of room for everything.

Traveling With Your CPAP Machine

Having traveled a lot prior to being diagnosed with sleep apnea, I am pretty familiar with hotel rooms. Often there are not enough electrical plugs close to your bed that you can get access to. Some are being the bed or the dresser or are across the floor on a wall somewhere.

As a result I have decided that I will also pack a small extension chord in my travel bag for those situations were there is no electrical plug close by. This is just a practical thing, for those special situations were an extension chord will just make things a lot easier. The unit comes with a fairly long chord, but I know that there will be some situations that it is just not long enough.

Why Would You Travel With Your CPAP Machine

A friend of mine who has severe sleep apnea always travels with his CPAP machine. If he does not use it every night, not only does he not get a good nights sleep, after a few nights he is so tired during the day that he cannot stay awake driving the car. He is an actual menace on the road. He will fall asleep at a traffic light that he has stopped at.

When I am on vacation, I really want to enjoy myself and I do not want to be tired all of the time. Traveling with an extra bag can be more cumbersome, however in the writer’s opinion, it is a small price to pay for having a good nights sleep.

When you sleep using a CPAP machine, you do not snore. It is very amazing, however you do not snore at all and your partner also gets a good nights rest. They appreciate it very much and now you have two well rested people going on vacation and enjoying themselves. What more could you ask for?

Using a CPAP machine also reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. Using it on your vacation or during business travel just means you have a better chance of not having to deal with this sort of catastrophic health issue.

Traveling with a CPAP and Working

We have been discussing travel for vacation. Many people with sleep apnea are still working. They have a tremendously  difficult time doing their job because they are so tired all of the time. Drinking too much coffee to stay awake, sleeping on the job or fighting sleep attacks creates dangerous situations. It also decreases the productivity from what it would normally be.  It is a competitive world out there. We all need all of the sleep we can get to be well rested and ready to go on the job.

If you fly you will need to be sure that you can show how it works. Also probably will have to open the bag from time to time to show the customs people. One concern is of course the amount of distilled water that you bring on the plane with you. The airlines allow limited quantities to be carried on the plane. If you check the water in your bag’s you need to be sure that it is in a water tight bottle. That it is not going to leak during the flight. The alternative of course is to purchase distilled water at the location you are traveling to once you arrive.

For my partner and I, we will always travel with my CPAP machine. I really enjoy my sleep now that I have one. For more information about CPAP travel reviews, click here.


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  1. this CPAP machine is one of the best devices ever invented. I sleep great now and have a full nights sleep with no interruptions like I used to. if you snore or are tired all of the time, see your doctor and arrange for a sleep test today.

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