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Lance Armstrong Evidence Against

There is a great deal of evidence against Lance Armstrong concerning doping in the Tour de France and other races. We have no idea whether he did or did not. However there are just too many people who have either testified or gone public with the information. It is really difficult not to believe that he did not master mind the entire thing.

Every year since more and more Tour riders have been found to have used some sort of doping methods. They have had their titles removed. This sport along with almost every other sport seems to be trying the doping drugs. They get away with it for a little while and then the authorities say enough is enough and crack down on them. If someone is doing too well in a sport, chances are that they are going to be accused and are going to be tested. Folks if you are reading this, it is inevitable that you will be caught some time. Can it all be worth it?

He Should be Ashamed

Sure Lance Armstrong is now rich and he did start the Live Strong charity for cancer which is a very noble thing, but the way most measure things and remember people is for their success in life without resorting to what is frankly cheating. He will be forever labeled as the cheater who got caught and brought everyone down with him.  Were I come from your integrity and measure as a man or women is that you:

  • Do not cheat
  • You do not use enhancing drugs
  • Do not lie
  • You do not run around on your wife.

Lance Armstrong has done all of these things and a lot more based on what we have read in the media and although he is rich, he has lost all respect and of his colleagues and his fans for the most part. This is not something that I would be proud of if it were me, regardless of whether I had many millions in dollars or not.

Tour de France and Lance Armstrong

I love to watch the Tour de France and will record it every year and watch all 21 days of racing, much to my wife’s disgust. I am not sure that I can watch it any longer knowing that the winners are likely doping and have not been caught yet. What a sad thing for sport, particularly bike racing in the professional sphere.

If you have comments either way about this phenomenal or Lance Armstrong in general, feel free to leave your comments. You might not even agree with me. That’s ok; it is freedom of speech in operation. Rude and derogatory comments will not be approved for publication.

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2 Responses to “Lance Armstrong Evidence Against”

  1. lance Armstrong is out of the news only because of hurricane sandy. he should lose all his money and go to jail the way that some of the Olympic athletes did.

  2. unfortunately lance armstrong is back in the news again, he is just a common cheater and does not deserve all of this time on the news when there are far worse things going on.

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