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Stock Market Correction

Stock Market CorrectionWill there be a stock market correction any time soon? As of May 2017, the market has dropped a bit over 400 points. It is still doing very well if you are in blue chip stocks that pay excellent dividends. The marketĀ  is still much higher than it was in 2008 and it does not seem to be in any danger of a serious Stock Market Correction at this time. We are in the middle of a continuing bull market which is driving the markets to new highs. UPDATE – it is now 2019. there has been a lot of volatility over the past two years. As long as you can stomach the roller coaster, the market is above where it was in 2017 and investors are making money.

Stock Market Correction

But even these types of companies can be impacted if there is a stock market correction. So lets assume there will be a correction sometime in the next few months. Conventional wisdom says sell high and buy low , but do not try to time the market!

But what if you are invested for the long term and focused on dividend income. Should you sell or stick it out and enjoy the dividend payments? Thus investor thinks that this would be the best strategy, since the income is maintained and as long as the companies you are invested in are high quality, the stocks will rebound! This is exactly what occurred in 2008. first the market dropped like a stone and then rebounded to even higher levels than it was pre 2008.

What do you think will happen? Should you stick with your investments as they are now?

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