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Electric Cars – A Fad?

Electric Cars - A FadAre electric cars a fad that will go away over time? Are driverless cars another fad that will go away over time? We think that both of these form part of the future. Many of these kinds of things are developed. As a result they evolve into something that we’re not quite prepared to accept initially! Remember the horseless carriage! It was supposed to never go beyond becoming a novelty. Something that the rich would use. Consequently after 10 or 15 years horses and buggies began to disappear in favor of horseless carriage.

We think that the driverless car and electric vehicles are part of our future. As a result electric cars will over the next 10 to 20 years make a significant introduction into the economy. What do you think of this opinion, we would appreciate your comments about electric cars?

Electric Cars – A Fad

The combination of the electric vehicle and the driver less car will have significant impacts on our economy. First of all there will be less gas stations. Secondly there will be fewer accidents, insurance premiums should decline. In addition there will be less garages were repairs will have to be made. These vehicles will be in far fewer accidents based on the driver less car.


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