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Tim Hortons & Esso

This is really not a coffee shop, but I have slotted it into this category since we purchased coffee at the Esso Station that is combined with a Tim Hortons coffee service.

We had to fill up for gas at the local Esso station at the corner of Jean D’arc and St Joseph in Orleans. True to fashion this is one of the most unfriendly places I have ever gone to.

It was 5:30 in the morning and I will give the guy some slack, he probably has been on duty all night, and maybe just about ready to finish his shift. Still, he could have said good morning! It got much worse.

Tim Hortons & Esso

I am trying to fill my car with gas and ran my credit card through the reader on the pump, selected the grade and placed the spout in the gas tank intake. It is -17C and I am waiting for the attendant to activate the pump. They have to do that even though the customer does everything else.

He was busy with a customer providing coffee , so long that the pump reset itself and I had to enter my card again. It was really cold, so I entered my card and knocked on the window to get his attention this time. Once I filled my car I went into buy a coffee.

He did not say good morning, but did say it would be a few minutes, because he had to make another fresh pot of coffee. No problem, fresh coffee is always good at that time of the morning. Tim Hortons coffee is one of the best when it is really fresh.

Not so Great Service

So myself and two other customers are waiting for the pot to fill. He is doing his end of shift accounting and I said to him I think the pot is going to over flow. It was as if I had not said a word. I looked at the other customer who shrugged. Then I said the pot is overflowing because by this time so much water came out that it was running all over.

He still did not move so I said it is going all over the place. He finally walked over and stuck another pot under the drip to catch the rest. Not a word of thanks or what a mess or anything. He prepared the other customers coffee who was there before me. Then he asked me what I wanted and gave me my coffee.  Talk about someone who either does not like his job or who was in a bad mood.

This is typically Tim Hortons these days and typically Canadian. Canadians are getting a reputation as being an unfriendly lot. We have found a lot of the Tim Hortons shops unfriendly due to the kids that work there.

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