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New Years Resolutions – Keeping Them

We all have trouble keeping New Years resolutions for many reasons. Some of us never intended to keep them in the first place, it is just the thing to do so we can tell everyone that we have made them. For other people they honestly want to keep them and achieve what ever New Years resolutions they have made. They may not have the will power, they may get discouraged, they may get side tracked by outside influences and just give up.

What ever the reason is , we all have to find away to meet our objectives and use what ever help we can get to keep our resolutions.  We think that most people will need help and so we have put together a list of things that might help people keep their resolutions.

New Years Resolutions

Not all ideas will work for each person, but if one or two work for you then this post has achieved the objective of helping people with their New Years resolutions. We are focused on maintaining weight or losing weight, while New Years Resolutions can be about anything in your life. What ever they might be, only make one or two New Years resolutions and focus on meeting those . You will have a better chance of success this way, compared to trying to meet ten or fifteen resolutions.

Here is our list :

  • Make New Years Resolutions, some people don’t. You have to think about them and actually make serious well thought out resolutions. Otherwise they are just words with no real plan and no idea of how you will accomplish these objectives
  • Tell others what they are, so that they are public. Sometimes telling others is away of forcing ourselves to keep resolutions. Making them public and then not meeting those commitments is embarrassing and looks bad. No one wants to look badly to others
  • Write them down. Writing them down will help you remember them. You will make you just a little more committed to meeting these goals and objectives
  • Look at your resolutions every day. Place your goals somewhere were you will see them every day. It might be on the table, beside the mirror, even on your smart phone. As long as you are reminded of them every day it will help reinforce the commitment to stick with the plan.
  • Post them on your to do list – add them to your todo list, which forces you to look at them and deal with them each day as you pull up your list of things to do on any given day. Being reminded all of the time will help build habits which is really what we all need.
  • Keep them reasonable and achievable – we all need goals that there is a reasonable chance we will be able to complete them. If they are unrealistic, you may give up before you can complete whatever goals you had in mind.
  • Make them complete – well thought out goals are always easier to achieve. Stating a goal with a plan of how you will achieve that goal will help you make them happen. There is a far greater chance that you will achieve your plan if there is a step by step approach outline with your resolutions.


Hope this helps. Even if one reader gets something out of this post, we have achieved our goal. This web site is about diets and losing weight and obviously we think that your New Years resolutions should center around dieting, exercise and nutrition. However these ideas can be applied to any type of New Years Resolution.

Comments and additional suggestions are greatly appreciated!

  • Make only a few resolutions
  • Make a plan


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