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Farmers Market – Dickson

We just had dinner at the The Farmers Market – Dickson Tennessee Exit 172, off of I-40.  From Hwy 46 turn right onto Christy Dr. They are beside McDonalds and behind the Cracker Barrel restaurant.

We are staying at the Hampton Inn, about 1 block away so you can walk to the restaurant. There are lots of motels at this location and several gas stations, so all in all a great place to stop for the night.

Farmers Market – Dickson

They only offer a buffet on the weekends for $9.99 plus tax and it is well worth it. In fact it would be worth it at $15.00 per person. Salads, soup, southern cooking including catfish, pork , pulled pork , several kinds of chicken, pork filets and the best ribs I have had in a long time. The meat is tender and just falls off the bone!

The Farmers Market has of course regular potatoes, sweet taters, several kinds of dressing and also vegetables. It is all great and good, and not a calorie in the lot!

They also served pancakes and crepes which we did not try, however I am sure they are great as well.

Peach cobbler, cherry cobbler and apple cobbler along with at least a dozen other deserts complete this fabulous meal

Family Owned

The Farmers Family Restaurant is family owned and operated. Their goal is to provide a wholesome atmosphere where you and your family can feel right at home while dining out.

Family and farming is important to them. You’ll see their walls are covered with photos of local farmers, past and present. They carry on the tradition of the local farmer, men and women who have worked hard and sacrificed to feed their families and communities.

They don’t use any canned vegetables, only fresh veggies. They buy produce from local farmers when available and  only use USDA choice meats. And, if it’s seafood you’re looking for, they use the freshest seafood on the market.

If you get a chance to stop at this location, I would really recommend that you take this restaurant in for your lunch or evening meal. The restaurant setting is one large room with checkered table clothes on the tables. It is meant to resemble a farmers market of years past. Drinks are extra and huge. Refills are automatic as well .

They also serve breakfast, however we did not get a chance to try a breakfast meal. For more things to do in Tennessee,  click here.

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