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The Falls Restaurant Palm Springs

Unfortunately The Falls Restaurant Palm Springs is now closed as of the spring of 2016. The Falls restaurant in Palm Springs used to be one of our favorite places to go for dinner as well as happy hour. The location is upstairs beside the Matchbox Restaurant and above Ruby’s diner. Both of these restaurants are very good as well, however this post is going to be all about the Falls Restaurant!

We got stiffed recently at the Matchbox with the restaurant adding $10 to the tip without our approval. The understanding was that our friends were picking up the tip, but the restaurant added $10 to our bill and charged our visa without our approval. be careful of this restaurant! For lots more posts covering restaurants in Palm Springs, click here.

Getting to The Falls Restaurant Palm Springs

Falls Restaurant Palm SpringsYou can take an elevator or walk up the stairs from the alleyway just past the Ruby’s diner outdoor patio. The Falls Restaurant is actually a fine dining kind of place complete with table cloths and  decor that provides for an intimate dining experience. The menu is excellent and the food measures up to our expectations, which are very high. They also have a happy hour available in the bar area, which is separated from the restaurant area. If you are spending a lot of money for a great meal, you will not be bothered by patrons in the bar area.  For excellent dining and a romantic evening, this is the place to spend some time.

The Balconies

There are 3 balconies that really put this place over the top for us. The balconies look out over Palm Canyon drive, they are two that are large enough for a table of 4 while the 3rd is really for 2 people. There is room for a small heater if needed as well on cooler evenings. We have dined here 4 times, on the balcony that is closed off to the rest of the restaurant by French doors so you can have a private dining experience, yet be part of the action overlooking the street below with the many strollers and hot cars on the street. For us this is the best place to really enjoy a beautiful evening.

If you order a Cesar salad, it is made from scratch right in front of you with the flourish that many waiters will provide. Their steaks are excellent!

The Martini Bar at the Falls

Before you enter the actual restaurant, there is a bar in the shape of a horse shoe. It has a waterfall  at the open end of the horse shoe. There are also tables for four situated around the bar as well. So patrons can choose seating at the bar or at one of the tables.

We like going here for happy hour. Smoking martinis, half price well drinks and beer along with wine. Also half price appetizers are on the menu during happy hour. The timing of happy hour does change from time to time, so you should check ahead of time, however usually it is from 4:30 to 6:30 in the afternoon’s. Lately they have changed happy hour to happy day, that’s right all day long to compete with Lulu’s down the street.

Everyone has a laugh over the smoking bubbling martini’s. They are entertaining, but they also taste excellent. There is a large selection of regular martini’s as well as fruity types as well. If you go to the Falls restaurant, you have to try one of these at least once.

The appetizers are unique and excellent. Presentation, taste and quantity are top of the line. For light eaters, two appetizers will likely be sufficient for your dinner. Anyone who needs something more substantial can always order off the menu.

As we mentioned earlier in the post, we have dined in the restaurant 4 times. We have been to the bar for happy hour numerous times. We have yet to be disappointed.

If you have been to the Falls, please leave a comment on your experience. We loved it and would recommend this restaurant to all of our friends.

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