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Starbucks – Fashion View Mall – Las Vegas

There are two Starbucks coffee shops in the Mall. One is located on the strip right across the street from the Wynn Hotel and Casino, while the other is located inside the fashion view mall catering to shoppers and tourists who are taking some time out from the casinos. Both Starbucks locations have the usual coffees and Fashion view mallpastries following the cookie cutter design that you will find across the country.

The Starbucks location on the strip is part of the mall. It has limited indoor seating as well as a small patio area with umbrellas. Patrons can sit outside and enjoy the early morning sunshine. They can watch people going to work or jogging by on the strip.

The only negative that we found with this location is that the mall is continually playing music that is just a bit too loud for us. It repeats as well so if you stay for a reasonable length of time you are going to hear the same song a couple of times.

What Is Unique – Fashion View Mall

What you will find unique about this Starbucks location is that there basic coffee is less expensive that any coffee you will purchase inside the Hotels on the strip. They all have coffee shops somewhere in the casino. And they charge an arm and a leg for their coffees and their pastries. If you are staying anywhere close to the Starbucks in the mall, it is definitely worth the trip over to buy your coffee.

In addition to less expensive coffee, you also receive the standard free WiFi at this location and if you use a Starbucks card that is registered, the refills are free for regular coffees. Now that is a much better deal than what you will get from any of the hotel coffee shops.

Going for a Walk

All of the hotels are huge and Wynn is no different, neither is Treasure Island Casino, which is also just across the street from the Fashion View Mall. At this location there are cross walk bridges including escalators for pedestrians to cross the Las Vegas Strip and Spring Mountain road.

These are very busy streets with approximately 3 lanes of traffic in each direction. You can only use these bridges to get across the street and it is not only safer but it also saves time in that you do not have to wait for cross walks.

By the time you leave your room, walk to the elevator and out to the strip, you probably have already walked for 5 minutes. These hotels are so large that literally you can walk that long. Walking to Starbucks at these locations will take more time since it is at least a 10 minutes walk from your hotel room, even if it is only across the street, but look at the morning exercise you get.

We used this Starbucks every morning while staying at the Wynn hotel across the street. Check out our posts about the Wynn Casino as well along with some pictures we included.

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