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Match Box Restaurant, Palm Springs

The Match Box restaurant is another eatery that we like to go to for happy hour.  The Match Box has recently reopened under a new name called the American Brickworks Bistro. They have the same menu, and according to the owners better quality and presentation. We have not gone there yet and cannot comment directly on the menu and atmosphere. Check it out and let us know what you think of the new revamped restaurant location.

The Match Box restaurant is located on the second floor beside the Falls Restaurant and above Ruby’s Diner. Access is via the stairs or the elevator behind the out door patio on the street level operated by the Ruby’s Diner. By the way this diner is another excellent place to eat as well, especially their breakfast in the mornings. Sitting outside, enjoying the sun having breakfast, what could be better! However this post is all about the Match Box , so we will focus on this restaurant during this post.

Match Box Restaurant – The Fire Pit

One of the unique aspects of this restaurant is the fire pit that extends along the front of the bar area overlooking the alley and the street. This is a great place to sit, take in the view and to keep warm during cooler evenings. This is usually the first place to fill up in the bar area.

There are also tables to sit at in the bar area as well and during cooler days, the restaurant provides heaters to keep you warm. Sitting at the tables you have a view of the western mountains, which seem so close you could reach out and touch them. The only negative about the Match Box is that during windy days, the wind will blow through the bar area, since it is open at  both ends.

 Happy Hour

Happy hour at the match box is from 4 to 6, however confirm the times before you go since they do change from time to time. Most drinks are either half price or $2 off the regular price. Appetizers are half price and fairly large so you can easily make a meal of them while enjoying happy hour.

We have met a number of people during happy hour since almost everyone is a tourist and love to talk about were they are staying and the deals they come across.

The menu for happy hour includes burgers, salads or pizza, so there is lots to choose from.

Many restaurants have happy hours, some great, some average, however this restaurant ranks among the better ones to go to. We have been there many times and plan to go back again.

If you have been there and want to leave a comment, please feel free to do so. Spam comments will be auto deleted.


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