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Teenagers Not Getting Enough Sleep

Teenagers Not Getting Enough SleepTeenagers Not Getting Enough Sleep is a pretty typical situation as shown in this picture. Most of us simply are not getting enough sleep and the reasons for this are as varied as there are individuals. There are all kinds of side effects to being tired and it affects people in many different ways, however, in this post, we decided to focus in on teenagers and what the impacts are to them when they are overtired to sustain them.

Most teens are extremely busy and will push the sleep hours to the minimum. Many people might find this a surprise since they are always waking their teens up to get them going to school or to work or to simply get them up for the day. The fact of the matter is that they never want to go to sleep since they are too busy talking or texting with their friends over the phone or corresponding or gaming on their computers. Some are in fact working late as well and then have to get up early for school which just makes the problem that much worse.

What Happens to Teenagers

Whether you are a teen or an adult if you do not get enough rest, it affects your ability to listen, concentrate and remember. It affects your ability to solve problems or do homework. Some teens who are prone to pimples may have worse outbreaks of them. Being overtired can also lead to aggressive behavior in some and even inappropriate behavior such as impatience or yelling at friends and family. Tired people eat to gain energy which can also lead to weight gain. Older teens may use more caffeine, alcohol or nicotine as a means to stay awake and tiredness can also contribute to illness. Drowsiness can occur as well behind the wheel which leads to accidents.

Some Facts About Lack of Sleep

Rest is just as important to your well being as the air you breathe or the water you drink. Most people need at least 8 hours of rest on average while teens need as much as 9 and one-half hours on average every night. Most teens will not get enough sleep due to homework, talking on the phone and hanging out with friends. Some teens who do not get enough sleep can also suffer from sleep problems such as narcolepsy, insomnia, restless legs and even sleep apnea.

Your ability to concentrate to listen and solve problems is severely compromised. Forgetting common things like well-known telephone numbers, names and numbers etc are common. Teens can be more prone to pimples. Lack of sleep can also make people have less patience, more aggressive even yelling at friends and parents. Many people will also eat unhealthy sweets and foods to gain energy and gain weight instead. Lack of sleep can contribute to accidents, illness or poor driving.

Many of these items are common to teens and adults, however because teens need more rest as a rule some of the problems can be even greater for them than adults.

How to Deal With Lack of Sleep

Teenagers Not Getting Enough Sleep can affect everyone around them as well. Everyone has a different way to deal with getting enough rest. Stay away from alcohol, pills etc. Focus on maintaining a sleep schedule. In other words go to sleep at the same time every night. If you are not sleeping keep notes about your activities. Change them if you feel that they are contributing to lack of sleep. Avoid watching TV shows that have a lot of violence or action prior to going to bed. Read relaxing stories and avoid playing video games etc. Each person must figure out what works for them and then stick to it. That’s our views on Teenagers Not Getting Enough Sleep. For more information about sleep issues, click here.


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