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Stockmarket bubble – 2013

Stoc kmarket bubbleWe recently listened to a stock market financial analyst from New York talk about whether the bull market of 2013 will continue or whether we will have a 4% correction or higher in the coming year.  Is there a stock market bubble now? The short answer to the question put to the financial analyst, about whether there would be Stock market correction of at least 4% was that he did not know.

It took him about five minutes to answer the question. He analyzed and discussed all the possible issues that could cause stock market correction. However like a politician he does not answer the question. With so many assumptions and guesses that it is really difficult to know what he was really saying. Or to tell whether he thinks there will be a stock market bubble correction in the near future.

Stock market bubble

As we write this particular post, there are no new wars starting up. Which could affect the markets, there are no major storms or hurricanes that are impacting major market areas or oil platforms, the economies of the world seem to be moving along slowly with no major change but all on the uptick and there does not appear to be anything in particular that could cause a market correction to begin to happen.

The upshot of his discussion was that there will be a market correction of at least 4% sometime in the future, he just did not know when. It was also impossible to time-the-market so if you’re concerned about locking in your profits at this point in time it is something that you might want to think about however you could be giving up future profits based on the market continuing to climb. This last statement is typical of the kind of advice and discussion this particular financial analyst provided.

It is tough to know what to do as an investor, however if you have a long-term strategy in place, it is best to stick to that strategy and not try to time market uptick’s and market downtiks. Focus on income, High-quality stocks with dividends, bons with excellent interest income and mutual funds with low and MERs.


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