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Rob Ford In Over His Head

What a train wreck Rob Ford is and it seems to get worse every day. Hopefully this sad story will end soon and hopefully he will get some help. Unfortunately his cancer has returned and he passed away. The rest of this article was written prior to his leaving politics to deal with his health issues.  It appears to me that this guy is in over his head in terms of his job and his problems. He does not know how to handle a situation that is getting steadily worse.

Rob Ford – Cannot Deal with Politicians

A friend of mind was contemplating running for office a few years ago. He called me to ask for my help, which I agreed to and he had to go to a few nominating meetings. He said he would get back to me in a few weeks. Well my friend is a pretty straight shooter. He does not have the gift that we seem to think that our politicians should have of being able to say a lot without actually saying anything.

The short story is that he called back in a few weeks. He told me that there was no way he could lie and promise things that there were impossible to deliver. He had not chance of being nominated, because many people will vote for promises they hope will happen and have literally no chance of ever being fulfilled.

Apparently Rob Ford has done some good things for Toronto. But he has lost his ability to govern and has to go. The train is already careening down the tracks and about to go off the rails!!!

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