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Jodi Arias Trial a travesty of Justice

Jodi Arias TrialThe Jodi Arias Trial has gone on far too long. She is guilty of pre meditated manslaughter and deserved the death penalty! However we think she may even get away with time served because one juror and it only takes one is going to find her not guilty!

She planned this murder. From stealing the gun from her grandfather to finding a knife. She used  the same knife to murder him.  She used this knife to slash the tires. Hence this girl should never see the light of day. The Jodi Arias trial should end now and she should be locked up for ever.

Jodi Arias Trial – Guilty

If she gets out she will stalk someone else and probably murder them as well. Fortunately she was found guilty and will go to jail for a very long time. She will do well in jail, since she has the ability to connect with people and turn them in her favor. In addition she is actually quite intelligent. Hence it is a shame she could not turn her ability to more positive things.

Even after being found guilty, she was giving interviews and obtaining privileges that many other inmates dream about while in jail. She just seems to have a way of getting what she wants. I have no doubt there will be lots of men who will write to her or even visit her at her jail location. She does not have many friends or family who will visit. She will die a very lonely person in jail. In addition she will only have the other inmates to chum with and spend time with.

Many people hope she never sees the light of day outside jail. If she does she will find another gullible guy who will succumb to her. If he does not and she likes him, he could end up dead just like her former boyfriend.

What is your opinion?


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