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Starbucks Palm Springs

Starbucks Palm SpringsWe love to visit Starbucks Palm Springs almost every morning. Besides the coffee which is great. This particular location was at the corner of Tahquitz and Palm Canyon drive at the center of Palm Springs. You can sit outside and watch the world go by. Starbucks has opened a new coffee shop shown in the picture above. We have  been there and look forward to visiting it everyday.

This is a traditional Starbucks with a few seats inside along the window and a few chairs to sit at. Outside there is a large patio with covered umbrellas to provide shade from the sun right on the corner. Many people go there every morning to meet people, to read the paper or just to people watch.

Folks who are on their way to work stop for coffee along with the many tourists who are in town and especially the snow birds who love to spend there mornings with a great cup of coffee. If this sounds like an ad for Starbucks in Palm Springs it is not meant to, however we do spend a lot of time their and really do enjoy the mornings over a good cup of coffee.

Starbucks Palm Springs

The picture we have included is not one of the best. We will replace it soon with a better one without the store in the shadows.Starbucks provides free WiFi for all visitors and now you do not need to sign in. Just agree to the terms and conditions and you are good to go on the internet.

Across the street is another coffee shop called the Coffee Bean. It also occupies a prime location with tables and chairs located on the corner and along Tahquitz road under umbrellas as well as a small overhang. For those of you who may not be aware, when the sun gets hot, you really welcome those umbrellas to protect you from that burning sun.

They also provide free WiFi, although you must get an access code by going inside and finding the code number on the TV screen on the bottom right hand corner. They have a small seating area and a fireplace for those cooler days. We like both locations and will move from one to the other based on how we feel that day.

Starbucks is a little cheaper than the Coffee Bean and Starbucks offers free refills for people with registered Starbucks cards.

Both locations suffer from time to time from transients coming by and asking for money or handouts. There are also a few people who buy coffee, but are of questionable character. Sometimes they will make guests a bit nervous. This does not happen often, but it does  happen.

If you have comments on either location, please feel free to leave comments. Spam comments will be auto deleted.

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