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Driving Around Palm Springs

Driving around Palm Springs and the other desert cites that occupy the valley can be very easy as well as stressful depending on your point of view. The streets are wide with lots of signs and most parking is free and there seems to be no problem parking along the side streets.  In fact the side streets are so wide it is sometimes difficult to know whether you there are two lanes or four lanes, since only the dividing line is marked.


As far as parking is concern the basic rule is to never park along a curb that is painted in red or green. Almost anything else goes unless there is a specific sign saying other words.

Drivers – Old and Fast

There are many slow drivers in the desert. These drivers are a combination of older drivers who are nervous driving on these streets which are pretty flat and easy to navigate. Some will stop at stop signs and some will not. As you approach any intersection it is a good idea to always drive defensively and observe what the oncoming traffic is doing as well as people approaching from side streets. Sometimes these older drivers miss the stop sign. We are not picking on older drivers, we just noticed that many of them are not driving as well as they maybe should be.

There are also the usual fast drivers as you find in any city. Usually younger people they have faster cards and drive aggressively.  Nothing new here, it is just an unusual combination with the younger and older drivers being on the same roads.

Respect for Pedestrians

One thing that seems to be a common element here in Palm Springs is the respect for pedestrians. Crossing streets at stop lights or walk signs, people in cars are usually very patient. Everyone seems to take their turn and they seem to wait patiently while you cross.

Having said that there have been one or two instances that we have heard of were people have been hit by an impatient driver, or someone on drugs or has had too much to drink. So even if you find that drivers respect pedestrians more here, don’t let you guard down. Always make eye contact before you cross with drivers and only cross when you are sure they will stop.

Traffic Fines

We have read several news items lately where California has double their traffic fines. The state is short of money and they are making people who break the law pay for their bad driving. So if you get a parking ticket or are stopped for speeding, expect a big fine!

Highway 111 is the main road through the valley that takes you through all of the desert cities. This is the scenic view. If you have never been here before it can be a nice drive to pass through the valley. Take the exit off I10 and into Palm Springs from LA. 111 turns into Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs and continues on to the other desert cities.

I10 is the major route from Los Angeles to Phoenix. There are approximately 10 exits that you can take to the desert cities, 2 of which will take you into Palm Springs.

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