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Starbucks – El Paseo, Palm Desert

The Starbucks at the corner of El Paseo &  San Pablo, in  Palm Desert is an excellent place to spend some time enjoying the desert sun and watching people, reading or in conversation with friends. This El Paseo Palm Desert location is right on the corner, the patio area is fairly large and is in the shade in the morning, and full sun from around 11 until sunset. There are lots of umbrellas as well so you can get in the shade if that is your preference.

This Starbucks also has a fairly large seating area inside if it is just too hot for you outside, or if all the seats on the patio are already taken. We find that it  is a great place to relax and enjoy the surroundings. This El Paseo Palm Desert, like many of them provide free WiFi connections and also free refills if you have a registered Starbucks card. Well worth the time it takes to register your card.

For those of you who may not know, El Paseo is the Rodeo drive of the desert. There are many high end stores and shops in approximately 6 blocks which cater to very specific tastes. They have very high quality and of course very high prices as well.

You will see more BMW’s, Mercedes, Jag’s and even Bentleys driving along the street. There are a large number of expensive cars and also golf carts. It is not un-common to see someone going up and down the street in their replica golf cart. They may look like a Mercedes or some other vehicle. There is also several carts that will transport you from one end of the street to other end , all free of course. We have not used this service, however you probably should leave a tip for the driver. They are older seniors, mainly women who drive these vehicles.

This is a great place to shop as well as people watch if you are into that sport as well. You may see famous people occasionally along the street and certainly many people who are very well off.

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