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Leons Bar and Grill Palm Springs

Unfortunately, Leons Bar and Grill Palm Springs is now closed. While it was open it certainly was a place you should visit while in Palm Springs. We just got back from Leon’s Bar & Grill at the Indian Canyons Golf Resort in Palm Springs. What a wonderful experience. We went for the Sunday brunch, which was priced at $15 per person.  For this price you receive all you can drink champagne, juice, coffee and an entree of your choice which includes everything from omelet’s to Chicken pot pie, to salads with crab cakes. They also come with a small dish of fruit. A great deal by any standards especially when you consider the view.

The dining area at Leons Bar and Grill Palm Springs looks out onto the golf course with a breathtaking fountain and the mountains in the background. Resort owners can drive their golf carts up to the bar and come in for a drink or a meal any time. We just had to take this picture of a 1959 BMW golf car powered by a 1 cylinder motorcycle engine. Two people can travel in this little car and when it was manufactured you could by it for $800 in 1959! Today as an antique it is apparently worth $35,000!  Everyone wanted to take pictures of it and have their picture taken with it.

Leons Bar and Grill Palm Springs

We had brunch with our friends. As you can see the champagne is flowing with some of us having mimosa’s along with our meals.  If you have the opportunity to be in Palm Springs, we strongly recommend that you take Leon’s brunch in on Sundays. Reservations are needed. Leons Bar and Grill Palm SpringsWe had a choice of seats with a 1o am reservation, however by 11 am the place was full and there was a waiting line of people to get in. At 12, I am sure the waiting time is at least 30 minutes or perhaps even longer.

I had chicken pot pie. Which as you can see from the picture was huge and I have to say was also delicious. It also came with a bowl of fruit as well. Our friends had an omelet with real fried potatoes and salad with crab cakes. There are approximately 12 to 15 items on the menu. There is something for everyone.

A Fun Place for Everyone

The gay community feel free to be seen together and to act out sometimes and valentines brings the best or the worst out in them depending on your point of view. Many came bearing valentines gifts for their friends. There were four or five guys who we think are part of an entertainment group who walked in wearing red hats and red high heels! Not my thing, but they were funny and attracted a lot of attention.

The Indian Canyons golf club is part an old Palm Springs club that used to be private and now is open to the public, however I understand the fees are quite high.

If you have eaten at Leon’s and want to add your comments, please feel free to do so. Comments on the golf club are also welcome. Spam comments will be auto deleted.

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