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Firehouse Coffee Company

We dropped in at the Firehouse Coffee Company at the Riverview Mall the other day and we were really pleasantly surprised. We have not found any Firehouse Coffee Companyreally good coffee shops in the area up til now. Even the local Starbucks coffee shops are not great. They are inside grocery stores or casinos and do not offer the ambiance that regular coffee shops offer. There is no outside seating at any of these coffee shops.

The picture on the left really does not do the place justice. It is an eclectic mix of decorations that I guess is suppose to remind of you an old firehouse, however I did not really see that. There is a lot to look at and take in. So be prepared to spend some time just looking around the Firehouse Coffee Shop in Bullhead City, Arizona.


The Firehouse Coffee Company offers free WiFi. If you ask them they tell you it is $5 for an hour unless you buy a coffee, other wise it is free. There is no pass code so you can stand outside the door if you really need to and use the internet WiFi access for free. Strange!


The inside is really nicely decorated with tables for large groups as well as couples. There are really nice leather chairs and couches, perfect for a coffee and reading the newspaper or a good book or browsing the internet which I did. Click on the following link to see a short video of the inside of this coffee shop.

Firehouse Coffee shop

Coffee Prices

Coffee prices are about the norm, so nothing to report on that front.


They were offering large cupcakes for $3, a bit expensive. They were really good, had real whip cream on top and they were laced with hot dried peppers. Hot!

There also was a red pepper, one of those hot ones, dipped in chocolate. These are for people who are really into hot stuff. This comes with the cup cake, but we did not try that. We like hot things, but that is a bit more than we can take.

They have a full menu of soups and sandwiches and other stuff, so we are confident that there is something there for everyone.


It is located in the Riverview Mall area in Bullhead City along Highway 95. Great to do some shopping and then relax with a coffee or just visit for a nice place to share a coffee with someone.

We really liked this coffee shop. For more posts about things to do in Bullhead, Arizona, click here.

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