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Bisbee Arizona

We are traveling across the US and writing posts about different places we have visited. Our main page can be found by clicking  here. We have included several pictures of Bisbee Arizona throughout the post for your enjoyment .

Bisbee ArizonaOne of the places we like to visit is Bisbee, Arizona.  This is an old mining town that has preserved a historical district and then converted into a kind of 60’s style art and craft place.  It is not uncommon to see many people who live in Bisbee who dress as if they are still in the 60’s and enjoying that life style. They do not exactly blend in with the tourists, but that gives a flavor to the village that you would not otherwise have.

There are lots of antique shops, gift shops, shops selling stuff that has been collected at garage sales as well as old saloons and restaurants located in buildings that have been around since the beginning of the century. There are of course new buildings as well and some have been fixed up, but for the most part this is a town that relies on tourists visiting to get a taste of the past.

Mining Operations

The mine still operates and there are tours as well, which we did not take of the copper mine. Bisbee is located almost on the border with Mexico. A short drive to Douglas will take you to one of the border crossings into Mexico.

This is a quiet town, with the locals seeming to know everyone. We went into one saloon to see if we could have lunch. Bunch of guys sitting at the bar, a few tables scattered around with a couple of tourists sitting at the tables. The menu was scribbled on a white board and had to be deciphered before you could figure out what was actually on the menu. We decided to continue up the street and look for another place. Wish we had just stayed were we were.

We ended up at The Savory Spot, at 105 Tombstone Canyon, Bisbee, Arizona. Another old building, but they had a nice little courtyard outside which was inviting. Unfortunately we thought it was just a bit too cool to sit outside, so we went inside the restaurant. Can you picture a small 15 foot by 10 foot room with 4 tables and as soon as we walk in the waitress asks if she can help us. We felt as if we had been caught and had to stay whether we wanted to or not.

Turns out that many of the locals go to this place including the local editor of the paper. She sat at a little bar and ordered her Wednesday burger on Tuesday, whatever that means. We sat at one of the four tables and just listened, after all any conversation anyone had could be heard by everybody in such a small room.

Local Restaurant

The food was ok, a bit over priced considering the decor which was non-existent. The table was greasy as were the vinegar and oil bottles for the salad. We ate our food, a salad and a toasted tuna sandwich, and we did not get sick, however this is not a place I would recommend.

The waitress was missing teeth and the apron she was wearing was in need of cleaning. She was friendly and helpful. But I couldn’t help wondering how this place continued to exist. Other than the locals seeming to like it which brings me to another story about the editor of the paper.

She came to the restaurant under the guise of ordering her Wednesday hamburger on Tuesday. Bcause she said she just could not wait another 24 hours. However the real reason she was there was to pump the waitress for information about a police situation. It had occurred the day before. Turns out that a routine traffic stop for a cracked windshield had turned into an arrest with possible police abuse of the driver.

She was pumping the waitress for information, since it appeared the individual was known to the waitress. We could not hear all of the discussion, however it sure was interesting. It also shows how much power a local editor has when it comes to printing information in the paper!

Hot Cars

For those of you reading this post, and considering making the trip to Bisbee, it is definitely worth the trip, if only to spend an afternoon wandering in and out of the craft shops and antique shops. There is also an old hotel to visit. On a nice warm day you can sit on the veranda and enjoy a nice cold beer.

I could not resist taking a picture of this car. Obviously a tourist who enjoys antiques and the quiet ambiance of an old mining town such as Bisbee Arizona!

If you are looking for a quiet evening spent in the 60’s you might even stay the night in one of the motels or BNB’s. Obviously this is not for us, since we prefer more modern situations and service.

If you have been to Bisbee and have similar comments or even a different perspective, please leave a comment for our readers. Spam comments will be deleted. For more posts About Arizona, click here.

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